Vacuum Storage Bag

Recently, I’ve been wondering how to fit all these clothes I have into my tiny suitcase in preparation for my move to China. My mom came up with this great idea to stuff all my clothes into this shopping bag from Macy’s, and suck all the air out with the vacuum cleaner and seal it tight with lots of tape. But about half an hour later, we realize that although this method is smart, but it wasn’t going to work as well since the air kept leaking out, even though we tape it shut. A couple days later, my mom came across the Vacuum Bag, and we then proceed to repeat the process and it works like a charm. Not only does it work for clothes in my suitcase, but you can put those bags anywhere like your closet, it really does help free up some space.

The downside is if you need to get into the bag, you’d have to unseal it, dig through your clothes, then reseal it again, could be a hassle. So make sure you put clothes in there that you don’t wear often. Also, another downside is it will wrinkle your clothes, depending how you fold it, so don’t put clothes you don’t want to have crease lines in. Also, you have to be careful with the seams, I remember when I first arrived in China, I went to the bag and unzipped it but the zipper broke right off so I had to manually unzip it. And it was a hassle to reseal the bag since my zipper was missing.

In the end, would I use the vacuum bag again? YES! I would. Although there are some downsides, but I have tons of clothes and it helps me save space.

Click here for Vacuum Storage Bag


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