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Zaky Hand Pillow – Your Baby Is In Good Hands

Once you get past the feeling that your baby is being coddled by Thing from the Addams Family, the Zaky Hand Pillow is actually a pretty cool idea. A baby craves a parent’s touch, so this ergonomic baby positioning pillow is designed … Continue reading

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AIR UMBRELLA : is that really possible?

You take an umbrella goes to everywhere, isn’t it? Sometimes you feel that your umbrella is too big or too long or even to heavy for you. Which, this design one all this problems can be solved. The Air Umbrella is … Continue reading

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Vauni Globe Unique Fireplace Design

The idea comes from Markus Grip, a designer who visualized a modern fireplace like a half globe that can be rotated at 360 degrees for best viewing and flexibility, measuring 23.86 inches in height and 23.78 inches in width, with a diameter … Continue reading

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