Kid Trolley Luggage; Trunki

Wave good bye to tiring travel, tears and tantrums with an award winning Trunki — the world’s first ride-on suitcase for globetrotting tots! Designed especially for little ones who can pack, sit-on and ride their own luggage, whilst parents can keep them in tow.


Trunki is a ride-on hand luggage suitcase for children, designed by Rob Law. The product rose to prominence after being featured on the UK television series Dragons’ Den in 2006, and has won over 50 product and design awards, including several from Design Week, Mother and Baby, D & AD, Right Start, Practical Parenting and Nick Jr.

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Ipad Pillow (ePillow)

The number of accessories you can buy for your iPad is increasing daily. You can get anthing from protective covers to cushins to put your iPad to sleep.

This one is a pillow that you can place on your lap while you’re using your iPad. There is no reason you couldn’t use any regular pillow for such as job, still here’s the ePillow to take on the job.

The manufacturer of the ePillow for the iPad claims that this cushin will allow you to use your iPad more comfortably than before, in bed or while siiting in your comfortable armchair at home.


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Led Light Reading Glasses


In recent times, reading glasses with lights have been increasing in popularity and they are seen as premium reading glasses that are equipped with tiny LED lights that are built directly into the temples. These types of Reading Glasses With Lights are ideal for the multi-tasking, driven professional of today.

This product is innovative and has become the talk of town.  The concept of reading glasses with lights may seem out of the ordinary to hear; however, you will be able to utilize these LED reading glasses while reading your preferred book in the dark.

The Reading Glasses With Lights also look wonderful on the face and you will be able to wear them on just about any occasion.



The frames of these Reading Glasses With Lights are stylish and contemporary.  The frames are available in a single shape that is fitting for the majority of facial shapes and structures.  The lenses are obtainable in three distinct magnifications; these different strengths are able to meet pretty much any vision requirement.  Who would have guessed that just a simple pair of reading glasses could be highly useful, attractive high tech and as well?  These Reading Glasses With Lights are designed for reading all through a complete twenty-four hour period; now you have the ability to make use of the same pair of reading eyeglasses throughout the day, without having to go through the bad experience of losing your superior ability to read after the sun goes down. The LED reading glasses has a battery life of a minimum of forty-eight hours; in addition, an extra set of batteries is also included with every pair of reading glasses.  You can now simply push a subtle, easy to use switch to turn on the light, which will come on and illuminate anything on which your gaze falls and best of all the light is durable and will last for an extended period, prior to the needing to be replaced.


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Instaglasses by Andy

Many people use Instagram. They all love the effects, and every one of them loves to take pictures and to share them with their friends. Wouldn’t it be great to capture your everyday life, your entire life, through beautiful filters? The design concept can give the appearance of glasses.

You activate the glasses by pushing “Insta” and option to choose between different filters. Are you enjoying a moment? Just take a picture with your glasses and upload the image straight to Instagram.

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Milky Way Alarm Clock

The smooth and sleek design of the Milky Way allow this device to serve two functions, as an alarm clock and as an art object for your nightstand. With an innovative design and interesting interface, this is truly a product we would not mind having in our home.

Designed by Henrik Amberla, the innovative design of the Milky Way allow you can activate the snooze function simply by making a simple turn. Setting the clock and the alarm are also done through another turning motions. Sadly, the Milky Way Alarm Clock is only a concept.

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Handy Portable Iron

This handy gadget includes a rail mechanism that allows you to easily turn the magic box into an iron. Although the idea of a portable gadget is fresh and interesting, the device will not help you iron a lot of clothes, but still it is very effective and will serve you well during a trip.

The portable gadget features two heating plates that are placed on one another, having a spring between them. The two plates will help you easier iron collars – just put it between the plates and accurately iron it.

Whenever you need full heating power, simply plug in the portable iron and use the electrical power to iron favorite clothes. The device can also be powered by batteries.

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Zaky Hand Pillow – Your Baby Is In Good Hands

Once you get past the feeling that your baby is being coddled by Thing from the Addams Family, the Zaky Hand Pillow is actually a pretty cool idea. A baby craves a parent’s touch, so this ergonomic baby positioning pillow is designed to mimic the size, weight, and feel of a parent’s hand and forearm. Although maybe to us it’s a creepy disembodied muppet hand, but your newborn will feel completely comforted as the hypo-allergenic 100% anti-pilling extra soft micro fleece hand cradles them until they fall asleep. You can now walk away without waking them and still feel your baby is in good hands, literally. I wish I had a giant pillow hand to hold me at night too.

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