Drinking Fountain from your own sink

A new bright innovative idea brings you the drinking fountain made from your very own kitchen sink. For those of you lazy to get a cup and fill it up with water and is able to drink from the tap, we bring you this bright idea, Tapi. Tapi is a rubber adapter that fits onto the ends of most sink and garden faucets that allows you to turn them into drinking fountain. How it works is you put the extension into the ends of your faucet, squeeze the bottom and water will squirt upwards for you to drink. When not in use for a fountain, you can just use it like a regular faucet by leaving it on. It is made out of water-safe rubber and you can simply put them into the dishwasher to clean. It comes in many different colors.

This item cost $4.95 USD per pc. And you can purchase it here.

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