AIR UMBRELLA : is that really possible?

You take an umbrella goes to everywhere, isn’t it? Sometimes you feel that your umbrella is too big or too long or even to heavy for you. Which, this design one all this problems can be solved.

The Air Umbrella is unconventional umbrella concept design. Because, it is an umbrella that hasn’t umbrella cloth, be like general umbrella. But, there is the idea will to use the barrier between you and the raindrops is a sheet of steady air that is blown out by this hollow pipe, replace using cloth an umbrella

You can control the length of the stick and the size of the air canopy, depending how many friends you are taking with you.

Designers: Je Sung Park & Woo Jung Kwon
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Vauni Globe Unique Fireplace Design

The idea comes from Markus Grip, a designer who visualized a modern fireplace like a half globe that can be rotated at 360 degrees for best viewing and flexibility, measuring 23.86 inches in height and 23.78 inches in width, with a diameter of 23.78 inches, and weighting 1340.26 ounces.

You can easily adjust the heating effect and flame size without worries because the ethanol-based burning system is fire-resistant, as well as the concrete material based on cement, which adds durability.
Also, you won’t need to clean it every time you use it thanks to a smarter system compared to other stoves.

Specifications of this unique fireplace design in the shape of a sphere include 0.4l/h fuel consumption, bio-ethanol fuel, 5 hours operating time, 2l fuel tank volume and 2,2kW maximum effect.

Stay tuned to discover the next releases from this unique designs provider.


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Follow those Tracks

Here is a sandal you’ll want to run around in. Presenting the Ashiato sandals, where ordinary sandals leave dull prints, Ashiato leaves a trail of fun. This footwear comes in five different animal paw prints to choose from, ranging from dog to dinosaur. That’s right, dinosaur, bring the land of the lost to the 21st century. I don’t know why I enjoy this product so much, maybe because it’s so simple and yet so ingenuous at the same time. Although, this isn’t the most practical apparel for everyday use, I could see these useful for when I’m playing hide-N-go-seek at the beach or snow. Then again, these are only intended to be worn by kids.

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Waterproof Phone?!

The thought of having to not worry about accidentally dropping your phone into the toilet, you girls know what I mean or dropping it in coffee. Go to the beach without having fear of accidentally leaving phone in pocket and getting it soaked, or being surprisingly thrown into the ocean with your phone still in your pocket. We are able to protect our phones in so many ways, from dropping it way too many times, prevent it from getting scratched by keys…and yet…we can’t protect it from liquid. But fear not, Liquipel has announced his biggest invention yet, a way to protect your Phone from liquid! Yes, you read it correctly, PROTECT YOUR PHONE FROM LIQUID!  How? Well, they’ve master a process that transforms your phone into a waterproof sea warrior. Their process is to formulate a water repellent liquid and vaporize it as it flows into a vacuum chamber where the phone is isolated.  You can learn and watch more about their new invention in the video below:

For anyone reading this, I dare you to throw your phone in the pool! (that is after you get it waterproofed)

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Valentine’s Day Special

Two in one blog post! Check out these products straight from our product line!

Is your significant other away at work? Feeling lonely because valentine day is right around the corner (or just another lonely Friday night), and you need the special feeling that only another arm can provide, well you are in luck. Introducing the Pillow Arm!!  Now you can rest easy every night knowing you’re in good hands, literally. Snuggle up to one of these, and you’ll be instantly remind of cuddling up to that special someone, all warm and cozy, just like Christmas, but better!!!  The arm pillow has the extract dimensions of the perfect hug, not too much, not too little. How do I know? Maybe, because it was model after yours truly. But, all seriousness aside, if you just can’t bear to be apart, this replacement is as good as it get. “Real boyfriend-feel included”

Check out the famous Boyfriend Pillow here

Is your relationship giving you drama, always making your famous meals, but he never shows up? Does it feel like knives in the heart? This would be that feeling materialize. Here is the perfect way to show your feelings towards that jaded someone, with heart shaped knife stand. This cutlery set consists of 5 high grade knives that every household chef should have. Made from a unique blend of metals Molybdenum and Vanadium stainless steel), these knives not only has excellent durability, but its edge continues to stay sharp with each use. There’s no better way to get to a man’s heart, than a good meal, especially when they know your packing knives like these. “Fellows, if you’re guilty of the habit mentioned above, get one of these quick to show your gratitude”

Ease your guilt here

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Energize your mornings

Are you tired every morning? Need that extra kick of caffeine to get your day going? If your one of the millions of tired individuals who drag their feet at the crack of dawn, here’s something for you. Introducing the caffinated shower soap. You might be asking yourself, does this work? Well, I’ve actually went out and bought, and IT WORKS. It gave me the same highs and lows I get from drinking my morning coffee. In fact,  it even seems to work faster than drinking the morning mud, as it shoud. Since your skin has a larger sufrace area for caffeine absorbtion, you take in more caffeine faster. The next time you wake up feeling exhausted, give this a whirl and wash that fatigue right off.

You can buy their products here

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A Stamp that Smiles

Ever wonder what happens when new trends meet old technology? Apparently you get something like this. Known as the Kaoiro emoticon stamp, this unique stamp has 7 rotating belts with 20 symbols each, giving you up to 2000 different print expressions. (2000, I didn’t even know there were that many emoticons). As fun as this may be, the price tag on this one may turn this =) to this =*(

(Prices can vary from $51 USD to $76 USD, not including shipping) Best stick to the electronic faces. But, if you’re a sucker for such a novelty, you can purchase one from here 

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