Waterproof Phone?!

The thought of having to not worry about accidentally dropping your phone into the toilet, you girls know what I mean or dropping it in coffee. Go to the beach without having fear of accidentally leaving phone in pocket and getting it soaked, or being surprisingly thrown into the ocean with your phone still in your pocket. We are able to protect our phones in so many ways, from dropping it way too many times, prevent it from getting scratched by keys…and yet…we can’t protect it from liquid. But fear not, Liquipel has announced his biggest invention yet, a way to protect your Phone from liquid! Yes, you read it correctly, PROTECT YOUR PHONE FROM LIQUID!  How? Well, they’ve master a process that transforms your phone into a waterproof sea warrior. Their process is to formulate a water repellent liquid and vaporize it as it flows into a vacuum chamber where the phone is isolated.  You can learn and watch more about their new invention in the video below:

For anyone reading this, I dare you to throw your phone in the pool! (that is after you get it waterproofed)

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