Valentine’s Day Special

Two in one blog post! Check out these products straight from our product line!

Is your significant other away at work? Feeling lonely because valentine day is right around the corner (or just another lonely Friday night), and you need the special feeling that only another arm can provide, well you are in luck. Introducing the Pillow Arm!!  Now you can rest easy every night knowing you’re in good hands, literally. Snuggle up to one of these, and you’ll be instantly remind of cuddling up to that special someone, all warm and cozy, just like Christmas, but better!!!  The arm pillow has the extract dimensions of the perfect hug, not too much, not too little. How do I know? Maybe, because it was model after yours truly. But, all seriousness aside, if you just can’t bear to be apart, this replacement is as good as it get. “Real boyfriend-feel included”

Check out the famous Boyfriend Pillow here

Is your relationship giving you drama, always making your famous meals, but he never shows up? Does it feel like knives in the heart? This would be that feeling materialize. Here is the perfect way to show your feelings towards that jaded someone, with heart shaped knife stand. This cutlery set consists of 5 high grade knives that every household chef should have. Made from a unique blend of metals Molybdenum and Vanadium stainless steel), these knives not only has excellent durability, but its edge continues to stay sharp with each use. There’s no better way to get to a man’s heart, than a good meal, especially when they know your packing knives like these. “Fellows, if you’re guilty of the habit mentioned above, get one of these quick to show your gratitude”

Ease your guilt here

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